Master Craftsman Level


This is the fourth and highest level of the Master Beekeeper program.  At this level, the beekeeper should have general knowledge of all relevant areas of beekeeping as well as being a specialist on several selected topics. The apicultural qualifications, at this level, are comparable to those found in a graduate level program in apiculture at a major U.S. university.  Only a few individuals are expected to reach this level.



The beekeeper must: 

  • Pass an oral test
  • Demonstrate practical experience in a minimum of 7 required areas (practical test) 
  • Must have at least 2 years experience at the Master Beekeeper level 
  • Must complete 15 units of public service work in beekeeping click here for PSC form
  • Present a program at a South Carolina State Beekeepers Association annual conference 
  • Demonstrate communication skills 
  • Participate in a university sponsored research project


Details of Requirements


ORAL TEST:  The candidate will be tested by a group of three individuals, including the Extension Apiculturist. The candidate will be tested on one specific area of his/her choice (i.e. bee diseases, Africanized honey bees, etc.) as well as on general knowledge of those areas relating to honey bees and beekeeping.


PUBLIC SERVICE:  The candidate will be expected to complete a minimum of 15 units of public service work in beekeeping.  These public service units must be earned after becoming a Master Beekeeper.


YEARS OF EXPERIENCE: The candidate must have at least 2 years experience as a Master Beekeeper.




  1. The candidate must present a program at one of the annual state beekeeper conferences.  This program may be in the form of a general presentation, a workshop, or similar activity.
  2. The candidate must complete two of the following activities:
A.  Prepare and have published an article in one of the beekeeping journals.
B.  Prepare and have published an article on bees and/or beekeeping in a non-beekeeping
C.  Be interviewed on a radio or TV program
              regarding honey bees and/or beekeeping.
D.  Be interviewed for a newspaper article regarding

             honey bees and/or beekeeping.

Master Craftsman Level Requirements



The candidate must complete a minimum of seven of the following specialty areas.  All candidates must complete items 1-4 , and at least 3 additional items from 5-10 of the list below.


1. Ability to diagnose and treat various bee diseases.

2. Ability to diagnose and treat various bee pests, especially tracheal and varroa mites.

3. Be trained in the emergency treatment of allergic reactions to insect stings.

4. Competency in organizing and conducting a training program for beekeepers.

5. Competency in queen rearing

6. Competency in the use of honey bees for crop pollination.

7. Competency in producing and packaging honey for sale to the public.

8. Competency in removing bees from a structure.

9. A general knowledge of Africanized honey bees and their impact on the US.

10. Competency in another area as approved by the Review and Equivalency board of the Master Beekeeper program.


University sponsored research project:


Be an active participant in a approved university, sponsored project involving honey bees and/or beekeeping.


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