SCBA Photo Contest

Let’s celebrate the honey bee in its bee-uty.  We have been watching so many photos on Facebook that absolutely stunning. It is time to share these photos with the association. 

Photo Submittals

  • Submit 5x7 unframed
  • Must include permission form to use two sided tape or pins for mounting for the displays on trifolds. 
  • Must also give or deny permission for SCBA media use. (Website and printed material)
  • Photos that have already been published can submitted.
  • Only one photo per person per category.
  • There is no time or date limit for when the photo was taken.
  • Name must be on back of photo, with permission slip included, inside envelope. 
  • Photos must be submitted by Friday 10am.
  • Photos can be submitted on Thursday at 10:00am till end of the last class at 5:00pm.
  • The Photos will be scanned digitally and shared throughout the conference.
  • The Photos will be imprinted with SCBA logo after the contest and used for digital media on the website and videos. (With permission)

The winners will be announced at Sat Am opening session.


  • These photos will be judged by a five person panel.
  • Judges will award only one winner from each category and an honorable mention. 
  • They will also be judged by a popular vote by the conference attendees.
  • The five panel judges will consider the photos on the following merits:
    • Uniqueness
    • Bee-uty
    • Technique
    • Subject Interest4

Categories for submission

  • Photo of Beekeeping – In the Bee Yard in the processes of keeping bees or just the beehives.
  • Photo of Honey bees – Honey bees interacting with blooms, in the hive, and in their environment.
  • Photo of Honey bees and People – Honey Bees and People interacting.
  • Photo of Honey Bee Swarms – Catching swarms as they are happening and/or swarms once landed.
  • Popular Vote-from all submissions each photo will be displayed.

(No bees covering half clothed bodies, please)

At the conclusion of the conference, your picture can be collected gently from the display after 12:30pm on Sat.  They will not be mailed back. 

If you have any questions please reply to

Photo Contest.pdf

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