Journeyman Level



This is the second level of the Master Beekeeper program.  The beekeeper should be functioning as a competent beekeeper with the skills and knowledge to be able to move into sideline beekeeper if they desire.


The beekeeper must master the certified level before taking the journeyman level.


Must have 2 years of beekeeping experience

Pass a written and Practical test - Click to open  In the Journeyman practical exam, the beekeeper may select any 5 assignments listed below and must pass 4 of them.

  1. Score a jar of honey as if you were a honey judge.
  2. Read 3 pesticide labels and determine which is safest to use near bees
  3. Identify items related to beekeeping
  4. Examine a honey label for errors
  5. Distinguish between bees, wasps, hornets, from pinned specimens
  6. Identify selected anatomical structures of the honey bee
  7. Identify several odors related to beekeeping
  8. Identify parts of a flower from a diagram or live flower

Must complete 5 units of public service work in beekeeping - click here for PSC form

The following is a list of types of public service credits that may be credited towards the requirements of the Journeyman level of the Master Beekeeper program. 

1. Presenting bee-related lecture or workshop to non-beekeeping group           

2. Officer in local or state beekeeping association  

3. Appointment by local County Extension office or other municipal agency as expert contact on bee-related questions or issues     

4. Assisting members of youth organizations with project work  

5. Mentoring a new beekeeper through at least one complete season.  

6. Public demonstration on beekeeping topic at fair, festival or similar public event.

7. Providing a hive of bees to pollinate a public garden.  

8. Establishing and maintaining observation hive for school or civic group. 

9. Other:___________________________________   


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