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Grant Research Committee By Laws December 2016 

submitted by Dwight Porter Grant Research Committee 

By Laws Purpose and Intent: The purpose of the Research Fund is to provide funding to individuals, organizations, and /or educational institutions involved in apicultural research which will benefit South Carolina Beekeepers through improved knowledge and techniques. Grants may be made to completely fund research projects or to supplement existing projects. It is the intent of the Executive Committee of the South Carolina Beekeeper Association will fund the grants of the chosen individuals and/or organizations that are committed to well designed projects and financial accountability. 

To administer the Research Fund the Association President shall appoint a committee hereinafter referred to as the Grant Committee. The Grant Committee shall be comprised of (5) members.* One member shall be chosen from the Executive Committee and shall serve as the Chair of the Grant Committee. The other four members shall be chosen from the general membership of the Association. 

*The President in office at the time of adoption of these procedures shall appoint all five members to staggered uneven terms. The Grant Committee Chair shall serve a three year term and the other members shall serve two year terms. One member will be rotated off every year as their two-year term expires. 

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Develops and conducts an annual needs assessment to be used by the Grant Committee in determining research priorities. Obtaining member input for the purpose of Grant proposals through local clubs. 
  • Develops request for proposals which communicate to interested researchers the association’s priorities. Receive written proposals for funding requests from potential researchers. 
  • Evaluates and approves research proposals and funding requests. 
  • The Grant Committee shall be responsible for approving or denying funding requests and shall notify Applicants of their decision. 
  • Funds shall be dispensed at the discretion of the Grant Committee. Grant Research Committee By Laws December 2016 submitted by Dwight Porter 
  • The Grant Committee shall provide the Executive Committee and the Association membership an annual report of research projects approved along with a financial report. 
Selection Criteria: 
  • Potential grantees must clearly define the purpose and scope of the proposed research to include expected benefits to the South Carolina beekeepers. 
  • Potential grantees must demonstrate an ability to design and implement a research plan that clearly describes the purpose of the proposal, how the research will be conducted, and how the results will be measured. 
  • Potential grantees will be required to submit a budget outlining how the funds will be used and to provide financial reports as required by the Grant Committee. 
  • Upon completion of the research project, grantees will be required to present their findings to the South Carolina Beekeepers at the summer conference. 

Grantees must comply with all applicable local, state, and federal rules, regulations, and laws. 


  1. The Grant Committee at the Executive Committee meeting in November will determine the total amount of money that will be awarded. 
  2. The Grant Committee will take Grantees proposals and reduce the proposals to no more than the top 3 or 4. 
  3. The call for proposals should be distributed to the local clubs and interested parties by no later than December 15 with the requirement to return by no later than January 15. 
  4. Grant Committee will receive, review, and evaluate proposals, selecting a winner and notifying them by February 15. 
  5. Funding will begin at this time with checks written by the Association Treasurer. The amount of the funds given in one year’s time will be $5,000. 
Updated 11/01/15 

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